New Version (2.0.1) – Open ZIP/Pack Files With Stick Nodes! – (2.0.2 on June 11th)

Edit June 13th – A few days ago version 2.0.2 was released for Android, which fixed some bugs. I was held up with the iOS version because of technical troubles, but they’ve been resolved and am moving forward. Will be uploading this week.

Version 2.0.2 (for Android)

  • Fixed importing STK files that would import weird.
  • Fixed importing ZIP files crash (for some users). (After importing a ZIP, if you can’t find it in your import list, scroll all the way down, the stickfigures might be prefixed with “zip_”.

Version 2.0.1 (for Android)

Okay, so this version fixes a few small bugs/crashes I noticed in the analytics since releasing 2.0.0. It also fixes one major crash that some users experienced where certain projects would either crash when opening, or crash when playing. Here is the changelog:

  • You can now open ZIPs/packs with Stick Nodes!
  • Crash fix when opening/playing for some users.
  • Crash fix when sometimes using a textarea.
  • Crash fix when sometimes tapping dialog buttons.
  • Other smaller crash fixes.
  • (2.0.0) Huge interface overhaul! Cleaned up and much easier and intuitive to use. Click stickfigure to access “Stickfigure Tools”, click frame to access “Frame Tools”, etc…
  • (2.0.0) Now available in 5 different languages (EN, ES, FR, PT, TR).
  • (2.0.0) A time delay can be added to frames.
  • (2.0.0) Filter import/open lists to make finding files easier!
  • (2.0.0) Frame background color can now be gradients!
  • (2.0.0) So many small optimizations and fixes!

This was originally going to just be a quick bug-fix update. But I did add functionality where ZIP files can now be opened with Stick Nodes. (See the image included in this post.)

So now, when you download a ZIP file, just tap it and “Open with” > “Stick Nodes”. The Stick Nodes app will open and behind-the-scenes it will extract all of the NODES files from within the ZIP/pack file and put them into your /stickfigures/ folder. Just go to import a stickfigure and you’ll see them all there in the list.

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Squido Animations

this ios update let me download effects


Yo Ralph What’s Up With Dat Update On IOS?? Man I’m Really Hyped And It’s Taking Forever

Chimdi O
Chimdi O

So 2.0.0 isn’t up for IOS yet, so……………………………… yeah…


lol same

Aamir Kabba

As in: It will be done today?

Or does it need more time?Is it sitting in a timeout chair?Does it deserve death?Is it delicious like mcdonalds when sonic was holding a happy meal?I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!?!?!?!?!?!?M?!?!?MHBGGFGTEB EHVYHDJVHTFVYHTDHYVDHYVDUDJDCKCYEKYRGJYRIGYRGJY

Ruler Clock

Azzip yna sdeen I

Aamir Kabba


I cAnT wAiT fOr ThE uPdAtE