New Version (2.0.3) – Sliders Begone

Well, there’s more to the update than that but I like how it sounds in the title. Anyway…

Version 2.0.3 (for Android and iOS)

  • (iOS only) Fixed bug when exporting MP4 for some devices.
  • Removed sliders, replaced with +/- buttons for now.
  • Added messages instructing how to use new menu system.
  • Put back red outline when creating a stickfigure.

And yes, this update has been uploaded for both iOS users and Android users simultaneously. Crazy right!?

Stick NodesSo yeah, the majority of the sliders are gone – for now. I’ve replaced them with the +/- buttons. I have an idea how to make the sliders better, and once I do I’ll give an option for users to choose between sliders or +/- buttons.

I’ve also attempted to make it clearer how the new responsive menu works. For the first 5 times the app is opened, tooltips are displayed instructing users as to where “Frame Tools” (and sounds) are.

And the accidentally-removed red outlines when creating stickfigures has made its return!

In the meantime, I’m working on something Neat™ for the website, how to have it live this week and if it works out I can see it being of great use for a lot of you guys. But more on that in another post.

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You said I don’t need an internet connection you say? When I open the app I get this. Exact quote btw

internet connection required

An internet connection is required to open this app. Please connect to the internet and reopen this app.
_____ _
Tried my best to make the quit thing button like….
I have Stick Nodes Pro 2.0.2

Shattered MerryMations
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I'm sick, all I touch becomes mine.

Ralph is secretly a potato



A. That’s impossible.
B. Of all things, why a potato?

Daniel Mairongo

Ralph si puedes colocar opasidad en los stickman asi como pivot tambien coloca otra version de pivot como 4.1 siempre esta el pivot 2.2.7 en stick nodes e inferiores por favor y tambien puedes colocar mas de 256 nodos que en todas la versiones tiene 256 nodos y si puedes puedes colocar un lapiz para crear uno mismo cualquier dibujo y guardalo


Hey Ralph, how do you put the hair and clothes on the stick figures like you do on your guy with the blue hoodie? I don’t know how to make it where you can move the hoodie…

FRostBite Productions
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you make one segment (for moving the hoodie around) Then create another segment that has the static box checked, Then use the static segment to create the entire hoodie (Static means you cant move that one segment with static on it while animating so you don’t get a jumbled bunch of nodes that get in the way of animating) Do the same for hair except EVERY piece of the hair is static, You can also make invisible nodes (0 thickness) to put visible nodes onto, Invisible nodes are also useful for moving things around if you have stretchiness on, Hope that helps!


hey ralph there is a problem i cant update stick nodes pro to 2.0.3 pppppppplease help me ;(