New Version (2.1.2) – Out for iOS / Android Magnifier Fix

Stick NodesThe magnifier update is now out for iOS!

Sorry that took a while, had to spend a bit of time fixing some export/MP4-export crash issues, but should help with those who experienced those crashes on lower-end iOS devices.

Version 2.1.2 (For iOS)

This is essentially the 2.1.0/2.1.1 update that was previously released for Android, but now is out on iOS.

  • New magnifier (look under “Project Tools”). This will make it easier to grab nodes!
  • You can now play your animations in fullscreen (Pro only).
  • Easier to send files to someone, look under “App Tools” for the “Send files” button!
  • Save reminder, the app reminds you to save every 5 minutes. You can change this in “App settings”.
  • Knob buttons for angles are easier to use, and show rotation in real-time.
  • Exporting/MP4-exporting crash fixes.

Version 2.1.2 (For Android)

  • Fix for an issue that made it difficult/impossible to select nodes with the magnifier. Forums is a close partner of the Stick Nodes community (we actually share the same web server). It’s a really great community of animators, mainly Pivot, but overall is a great place to showcase your work/Youtube channel and get tips/comments and just overall chat with other animators.

I’ve actually been a member of that community since 2005 when I first found Pivot and even though is technically the spiritual successor of the original (that underwent bad management), it’s still alive and kicking over a decade later. Give them a visit and create an account if you’re so inclined.

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How do I upload it to YouTube?

Cool gamer 2009

Well I’m just going to post my vid

Kaiju Lord
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Search "Layne Coleman Stick Nodes" for my YouTube 😄

Can’t wait until the new stuff like opacity and inverted colors, yo!

Shadow animes

Same! but more for the tranparicy..

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Remember the days of not remembering things? Me neither.

Uh… what’s a transpiracy? A transexual pirate?


im wonna play stick nodes in the pc mac


The demon is here