New Version (2.3.0 – 2.3.5) – The “A Lot of Stuff” Update

This update, man, let me tell you… Lots of work and lots of problems but it all came together in the end. So let’s get into the juicy stuff.

Firstly, if you haven’t, watch the teaser video uploaded a few days ago – it sums up the new major features nicely.

Stick Nodes

For all you readers out there though, here’s the changelog.

Changelog 2.3.0

  • Camera can now be rotated! Also, the camera has settings to auto-wobble/shake!
  • New shape type in Creation Mode, “Polyfills”!
  • New button “Add tweened frame” under “Frame Tools”, very powerful and useful!
  • Can sort file lists by new/old.
  • New stickfigure filter – glow (Pro only).
  • Can now copy/paste sounds from a frame. And can also copy/paste/clear stickfigure filters.
  • New checkbox, “Tween colors”, for stickfigures.
  • Can now specify “start” and “end” frames to export (can export a single frame if you want).
  • When copy/pasting segments in Creation Mode, draw order is remembered.
  • Many new sounds (search “230” in the sound import window) (Pro only).
  • Fixes: Sound sync issue for long animations, crash when importing ZIP with non-basic characters, optimizations and tweaks.

There’s a lot to process there. Camera rotation is a big one. That’s pretty simple and easy to understand.

Polyfills are incredibly useful not only to fill in big areas but also to create interesting non-stickfigure-kinda objects, as seen in the GIF to the right where I create a quick “3D” wall.

But my favorite additions are the add tweened frame button and camera wobble. The latter is pretty easy to understand, the camera slightly moves depending on the setting – gives your animation some life in static scenes. But the add tweened frame button is tough to explain, check out the video linked above. Basically the app assists/animates for you!

And those aren’t even all of the new features as you can see from the changelog, but I’m done writing…

I intended on releasing this yesterday, as specified in the video linked above, and I was damn close. But then I was hit with no less than 24 billion bugs, so it was delayed for a day.

But it was worth it.

Edit April 2nd – Version 2.3.1 has been released. It addresses some issues introduced in 2.3.0. See the changelog for it below, let me know if anything else needs fixing in the comments.

Changelog 2.3.1 (Android)

  • Fix new/old list sort crash.
  • Fix crash when entering Creation Mode sometimes.
  • Fix crash when loading big project.
  • Added 10/25/50/75/90% selection to “Add tweened frame” button – choose how much tween to apply.

The IOS version will be released as soon as I think the Android version is stable and no more critical bugs. Will be within a week.

Edit April 4th – Version 2.3.2 has been released. This also fixes a couple minor issues from 2.3.0, but also introduce a lot more functionality to the “Add tweened frame” button. Now you can easily specify adding a 50% tweened frame, a 33%/67% tweened frame combo, or even a 10%/90% (easing) combo. It’s easier to understand when seeing what the buttons do in the app, so go check it out.

Changelog 2.3.2 (Android)

  • Max zoom changed from 800% to 2,000%.
  • Fixed rare crash when opening projects.
  • Made it so when a polyanchor is selected in Create Mode, the polyfill it owns is outlined for visual convenience.
  • Added more robust functionality to “Add tweened frame” button.
  • Added minor blue flash visual effect to new frame thumbnails.

This is likely the last update before iOS gets the new features. #soon

Edit April 9th – Version 2.3.3 has been released. Still only for Android. Lmao.

Changelog 2.3.3 (Android)

  • Some very minor tweaks (smoother zooming, better crash-tracking for my use, fixed issue where polyfill color couldn’t be changed for a main-node polyanchor).

This is likely the last update before iOS gets the new features…Seriously this time.

Edit April 14th – The iOS version is now released. This version features very minor changes from 2.3.3 and will be coming to Android soon.


Changelog 2.3.4 (iOS)

  • Fixed crash regarding adding tweened frames and joined stickfigures.

Edit April 18th/19th – Android and iOS bother have version 2.3.5 now. Just some minor crash fixes. Also adds the Filipino language!

Changelog 2.3.5 (Android and iOS)

  • New language – Filipino!
  • Fixed crash that occurred when opening a project if the magnifier/arrows window was open.
  • Fixed crash regarding adding tweened frames and joined stickfigures. (Android)

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Yoseph Bustami

Hey Ralph! I know that you will be really stressed when I say this, but I have a suggestion for you in your next update. My suggestion is that you should add voice overs! Voices would help a lot! Also, adding mouths as a regular built-in feature would help the app alot! Thanks and I hope you take my suggestion into consideration!
Yoseph Bustami

Zinger Winger
Zinger Winger

Perfect idea! So I can voice act my character I created but I’m not submitting my character to the website.

Ultra Member Lvl5
It’s yah boi Mr. Idea comin at you

Ralph i’ll give you till Tuesday for iOS or we riot

Super Elite Lvl7
Only memes can sustain me

I believe in you Ralph

OP Lvl10
*Sips Existence*

Can’t wait for this to come out, hopefully on Easter too


Ralph con mucho respeto para la procima actualizacion se pudiera separar las estremidades de una figura

Super Elite Lvl7
Only memes can sustain me

Red’s Free Translation : Ralph with great respect for the next update could separate the extremities of a figure


MiniPhoenix’s free interpretation: I think Esteban means “Yo Ralph can we haz a seperation tool. It would really help in decapitation bruvva”

Cool Member Lvl2

Jaw drops for the updates

Member Lvl1

I already tested it. It’s in this video lol.

Super Elite Lvl7
Only memes can sustain me



Y’a pas
de mise á jour 😡


tu a IOS. la mise à jour n’est pas encore sortie pour nous.

I just said that they have IOS and that the update isn’t out yet

Sonic-Kun ✅
Hyper Member Lvl4


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