New Version (2.3.6) – The Oof Update

A new update went live yesterday for both Android and iOS users (weird, right?).

Changelog (2.3.6)

  • Stickfigure max node limit increased to 384 per stickfigure.
  • Frame max stickfigure limit increased to either 40 stickfigures or 6400 nodes.
  • Memory usage displayed when a project is opening and also under “App Settings”.
  • In “Open Project” window, you can open a portion (percentage) of a project starting from the first or last frame. Useful if you can’t open a project anymore (crashing, due to memory).
  • New option when exporting for anti aliasing – will smooth lines.
  • New sounds (search “236” in the sound import window) (Pro only).
  • Bug fix for some users experiencing failures/crashes (folders in ZIPs, older Android verisons).
  • Other bug fixes.
  • So yeah, this update mainly wasn’t a “major” one.


I like the new “anti-aliasing” checkbox when you export – it’s subtle, but it smooths the jagged lines that you’ll commonly notice in Stick Nodes stickfigures. It can sometimes produce undesired effects, in which case simply don’t use it. But it’s very good if you want to export a single-frame image or something – looks better.

Check this GIF and look closely at the edges of lines and shapes to see the smoothed edges.


Make use of the memory usage display when opening a project, and in the “App Settings” window (check it periodically). If you experience a crash, it’s useful to know what the memory usage was, and to remember to stay lower than that number in the future. (It’s not an exact science, but should help you estimate.)

Speaking of memory usage, if you run into crashes when opening a project, make use of the percentage slider at the bottom of the “Open Project” window. A crash occurs when the memory utilized by a project exceeds what your device can handle, so simply open a smaller percent of your project.

For example, say you can’t open project_file.stknds, it keeps crashing.

  • Open 75% of project_file.stknds, starting from the first frame. Once it’s opened, re-save it as project_file_part1.stknds.
  • Then, go open project_file.stknds again, but this time open it 25% starting from the last frame. Once that opens, re-save it as project_file_part2.stknds.

And there you have it, you split a large project into two smaller projects which can be opened.

Other stuff

Bunch of new sounds including the infamous Oof.mp3 and a bunch of others. And anyone having problems with ZIP files (mainly Android, but iOS too) – I might have been able to remedy that, but will have to keep an eye on it to see if I did in fact fix it.

Oh and the node limit is increased a little but who cares.

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