So this isn’t a bad idea that I came up with after reading a comment from Blueleaf34.

This page will be for anyone who wants to post a link to their latest Stick Nodes animation, artwork, or even your Youtube channel. Everyone is encouraged to comment on others’ work and post their own stuff as well.

Keep top-level comments dedicated to only showing off your stuff – be sure every top-level comment contains some sort of link to your work, sub-comments can be the typical lol-nonsense.

Pro-tip: Actually use the “Website” field when you leave a comment! It will make your name clickable so people can check out your Youtube channel, website, etc…


  1. Bro, change the FAQs and insturctions on how to download on ios, open safari (ios) go to the SN website, choose a figure you desire, the it will download in the background (after hitting download obviously) the wait until a another tab opens saying “open in stick node”, tap it and it will launch the app with your desired figure in the app! I was surprised as well by trying it anyway on my ipad- mini!


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Before you ask a question, please check the FAQ page first.
There are answers on how to download stickfigures, add sounds, upload to Youtube, etc...