So this isn’t a bad idea that I came up with after reading a comment from Blueleaf34.

This page will be for anyone who wants to post a link to their latest Stick Nodes animation, artwork, or even your Youtube channel. Everyone is encouraged to comment on others’ work and post their own stuff as well.

Keep top-level comments dedicated to only showing off your stuff – be sure every top-level comment contains some sort of link to your work, sub-comments can be the typical lol-nonsense.

Pro-tip: Actually use the “Website” field when you leave a comment! It will make your name clickable so people can check out your Youtube channel, website, etc…


  1. Sorry I unspammed them.

    No idea why Akismet randomly catches comments as spam when they have a Youtube link. I think it also catches the one you use in your “Website” field.

    I’m going to look into how to whitelist certain things because this is annoying and happens frequently.

    I hate WordPress.


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