As of the 1.7.9 update, downloading stickfigures can be done without any external tools for both Android and iOS users! The only exception is ZIP files, instructions for downloading and using them are in this FAQ section here.


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By: Alan & Ramej


April 4, 2017

Downloads: 2649

AntonioGamural Animations

By: X-Wonders


March 14, 2017

Downloads: 384

TMNT Michealangelo Nunchucks

By: Nasir


December 5, 2016

Downloads: 335

Kakuja Mask

By: TheVisualAnims


December 2, 2016

Downloads: 527

Springtrap 2

By: Alan


June 28, 2016

Downloads: 604

FNAF Officine

By: Alan


June 20, 2016

Downloads: 5631


By: Alan


June 7, 2016

Downloads: 548