Ancient Utopian Overseer

Those who wander into the ruins of the Outskirts will most likely meet one of Ancient Utopia's most determined guardians. Overseers are tripedal robots with a very powerful Aether railgun on their head, the laser is designed to shoot extremely quickly and over very long distances to destroy both invading AND fleeing targets.

Due to the design of their legs and their weight, Overseers are slow and so rely on the element of surprise in order to destroy foes; they do this in many ways. some will play dead, some will cling to a wall or roof and some even pretend to be architecture. the way Overseers detect prey is not through the use of an optical receptor (translation for Ralph=robot-eye) as they posses none, instead they give of mini shock waves that vibrate the ground, when these vibrations hit something, they bounce back to the Overseer.

If there were a disturbance in the shockwave, the Overseer will immediately switch to a combat sensor which fires these off rapidly so the Overseer gains full vision so it can chase down the intruder. the reason they have a 'stationary mode' in the first place is so that they don't run out of charge over the insanely long periods of time they sit in the same place waiting.

So if you go to the Outskirts and begin to feel strange vibrations, DON'T MOVE OR THEY'LL FIND YOU

Ralph's edit: Just for that Ralph wise-crack, I'm delaying the rest of your uploads until April.

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Submitted in Vehicles by Epitaph on January 9, 2018

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Cool Elite Lvl6
Do I really have to fill this out?

A fat robot with a motherf*ckin’ laser, and legs that are skinny af, making it slow… the laser is extremely powerful and it f*cks up everything in its path…. sounds a lot like a guardian from botw.


Seems like had some HEAVY influence from low botw


What inspired epitaph for overseer


A game