Anti-Akillers Pack

Well, here it is. ANTI-Akillers the final product of project insanity.

Created to kill anybody which is ordered to kill, the crystal that was put on AAkillers is used on ANTI-Akillers, instead the crystal creates another form of ANTI-Akillers, "ANTI-Akillers Omega Charged"

ANTI-Akillers Omega charge turns ANTI-Akillers into an unstopable Monster that would only die with ANTI-Akillers's weapon, "The ANTIBOT Sword

The ANTIBOT is a sword with such a charge, while ANTI-Akillers holds the sword, it turns him into a time freezing machine, well only if he has enough charge by damaging the opponent. While time freezes, ANTI-Akillers can kill the opponent by freezing him in place, damaging the weak spots (or just slice throught the opponent) and continue time again.

Ralph vs ANTI-Akillers:

ANTI-Akillers: *Turns into ANTI-Akillers OMEGA CHARGED*

Ralph: By the power of stick nodes, I shall remove you from the website once and for all!

ANTI-Akillers OMEGA CHARGED: You can't stop me.

Ralph: *Goes to computer and deletes ANTI-Akillers*

ANTI-Akillers OMEGA CHARGED: NOOOOO *Fades into the wind*

Ralph: Not that OP. Infact, the weakest character in Stick Nodes biside The default

Ralph's edit: Everything you just said is OP. Even the letters you typed were OP. (7.3 KB)

Submitted in Packs by AAk_Animations on October 12, 2017

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I burnt one truck, five computer CPUs, a IPhone 7.

And when the villan defeats the hero…


That guy looks like Markiplier