A more detailed version of my previous one (Which probably aly got rejected because ralf sux) which takes a lot of notes from the real design and some of my own. This explosive suprise has four rockets and usually takes an entire mag to take a player down. Nowhere near as strong as a prototype and I made the mistake of buying it. The gun was good in the early days but with new armour and guns it doesn't work well like it used to.

Ralph's edit: TL:DR

Ralph's actual edit: This joke isn't funny.

Ralph's real edit: What.

Ralph's real and actual edit: I congratulate you for using all my "catchphrases" I geuss.

Ralph's 100% true real and actual edit: stop

Ralph's REAL REAL TRUE ACTUAL EDIT: Ok, this was kinda funny.

Ralph's YES 101% TRUE REAL NEVER SEEN BEFORE edit: What.

Sean's edit: Oi m8

Ralph's actual edit: New rule, every fake Ralph's edit = one punch for Sean.

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Submitted in Weapons by Bandex on December 28, 2017

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Good job for recreating the heavy catogory on pixel gun 3D

Bandex 2.0

The final edit is actually Ralph’s and I agree with this rule.


It looks like the weapon from Pixel gun 3D, its a shame that game was ruined.