Asriels Sword

Ehhhhh i deleted takeshi and michiko for other characters >_>

Michikos edit: wat

takeshis edit: u dead mate

seans edit: oi takesi m8 dat me line feller

ralphs edit:wat

Andres edit: HALP

seans edit 2: no way m8

ralphs edit 2: wat

Ralph's actual edit: You're banned for this nonsense.

Asriels-Sword.nodes (9.2 KB)

Submitted in Weapons by Andres on July 14, 2017

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Cool Elite Lvl6
I neva freeze

MY SWORD IS EXACTLY LIKE THIS AND IT GOT IN A RANDOM PACK BUT THIS DOES NOT!!!??? 1% of me wants to be on seans team now


Mats edit: waaaat is thhaaaaat


Member Lvl1
Hi Im Creator Of Stix

Andres edit: did mat say something?