AWSM MP-133K Pack

A pack with two of the opposite guns. A shotgun and a sniper rifle.

The AWSM sniper rifle is a bolt action rifle with a cool style. It has a functional trigger, magazine, bolt, and something that pops out the magazine. If you don't like the green in the rifle, you can change it with a tweak to the stickfigure color and a tweak to some other parts of the figure.

The MP-133K is a pump action shotgun with a magazine, It has amazing design and functional parts.

- Keep in mind that some of the guns parts are seperate, but the main gun is entirely together. Just join the seperate attachments figure to the turning node. (This is for the AWSM)

- For the magazines, just attach the magazines to the invisible segment under the receiver.

What a mouthful.

Ralph's edit: I want to make a mouthful joke but there are children present. Also these are too real ~ Berke. (21.5 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Explosive Bullet on July 1, 2017

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