Blood Pack

You like a bloody fight? Here are some blood I found. - KaidoMatioN (9.4 KB)

Submitted in Effects by (Various Droidz Authors) on August 23, 2016


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    • This has been suggested before. I’m not sure if I can (it might be more work than is worth it, I have more important features/fixes to work on).

      Anyway, I’m not saying “no” to this idea, but isn’t the alphabetized list helpful enough?

      • Well. The alphabetical list is useful but. my head. (Cause the spaces counts the number counts. The period counts. So its really confusing)

        And Ralph did you get my Goku head (no face).Nodes yet? (Ye its traced.)

        And what in the world did I just wrote. Help me.

        • I see what you’re saying about the punctuation. I’ll look into it since it’s not a bad idea.

          Also I do believe I got that, I remember seeing that name, though it may take a few more days until I get around to it.


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