Cha Ralph

Es mi version del cha fighter espero les guste deja tu comentario Ralph y pasate por mi canal se llama THEGAMERX y tiene una selfie de minecraft de imagen.

Ralph's free translation: Yo man I'm hungry anyone got any snacks?

Cha-Ralph.nodes (5.5 KB)

Submitted in People by THEGAMERX on March 19, 2017

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  1. Nicowsky’s Real but not free ($1 like) Tranlation: its mah version of the Cha Fighter, hope you like it, Ralph, plz comment and check out my so spammy channel xXXTHEGAMERXXx it has a minecraft selfie as the picture

  2. Faded’s 100% Free Spanish to English translation:
    It’s my version of the cha fighter I hope you like it Leave your comment Ralph and pass by my channel is called THEGAMERX and has a selfie of minecraft image.

    • Oh a poet let me try,
      Roses are Red
      Violets are Blue
      Some people say Violets are Violet
      But they are wrong
      For when this poem starter was made
      Violet wasn’t a word
      You can argue with me if you want
      But in the end I am true
      And if you don’t think so
      Well screw you 🙂


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