Cyborg Default

Inspired from Rick and Morty.
Don't worry this is easy to use because i've added PuppetNodeTM.
You'll find out when you use it!

Ralphs edit: Cool

Ralph's actual edit: You forgot the apostrophe, so close. It is cool though, the way the arm can form back together. Would like to see it animated *GLARES AT EVERYONE READING THIS*

Cyborg-Default.nodes (1.8 KB)

Submitted in People by Cosmy on September 21, 2017

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Super Member
Remember the days of not remembering things? Me neither.

It’s alright Ralph, I wasn’t reading the description.

Super Creator
It's me, everyone's favorite ladyboy!

The first good default edit

Vincent Chen

I know right.

Toxic911 Animations

An animation I’ve been planning will make good use of this…

Super Creator
Damn I feel good, you ain’t feelin’ nothin’