Dalek 3

One of doctor's worst enemies (was going to do more detail but limit did not allow me. Though i think someone more experienced can improve it)

Ralph's edit: This could be an object, person, miscellaneous, vehicle...WHAT DO I CHOOSE.

Dalek-3.nodes (14.1 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by cektor on February 12, 2018

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You should’ve put it in vehicle because there is a creature inside the armor/ shell.

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Put the best chips on the worst bag

England England something

Cookieintheface (I'm not edible I'm made from concrete mix)
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I'm so scurry

E X T E R M I N A T E E X T E R M I N A TE!!!!

Demonic DJ
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Have you ever heard demon music?

[insert random Doctor Who quote here as I’ve only seen that one episode wheŕe wthat lady ended up as a face on a slab of rock]