A speedy dash effect.

Dash.nodes (1.3 KB)

Submitted in Effects by dmandom on December 5, 2014


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  1. ralph i have a prob on STKND here that because when i was flip a stickfigures in a frame its was at same direction then next frame FASTLY turned at direction i was flip it HOW….HOOOOOOOW

  2. For the latest version do you still need a Mac/pPC to download on IOS or has that changed? If not please explain on a lower level ( as I am a dull-brained human being that does not understand such ‘complicated’ computer terms) Thank you for eventually reading this.

    • With iOS, you can now download node files AND stk files from droids and various other sites. Just press download and it should say open in stick nodes and bam.for packs, just get iZip and open the pack in iZip and then open each individual node file into stick nodes from izip

    • Samsung are hardware makers, they make the actual device. But the device runs Android. Basically nowadays, if you don’t have an iPhone, you likely have an Android (or Windows Phone but I think that’s like 2-3 people tops).

      You shouldn’t even need to follow any instructions, just download the stickfigure and then open Stick Nodes and look for it in the import list.


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