A speedy dash effect.

Dash.nodes (1.3 KB)

Submitted in Effects by dmandom on December 5, 2014

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nome gusta
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  1. person who made this : Ugh this wont be good at all i bet no one will download it…
    now : this was my best idea ever…

    • Lmao, it happened to get the most downloads the other day.

      The daily stickfigure thing is a bit broken. I coded it myself with 0 knowledge of PHP/database stuff but it’s working basically, it just keeps selecting the same stickfigures over and over because they keep getting the most downloads.

      A simple fix is to check if the stickfigure has already won, and if so, skip it. Will be trying to do that today.

      Also will get back to uploading/commenting normally, been away for a bit and was just doing the bare minimum to keep things afloat and stuff.

  2. Hey, Ralph!
    I have an idea for the next update!
    Wouldnt it be great if you could just press a button and you would Get transporten into a website Where you can download sound? (For iOS)

    And the sounds are ACTULY posible to Get into Stick Nodes!

    Ralph please respond!



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