DBZ Minha Aura SSJ Rosa

ssj rosa aura on black goku!

DBZ-Minha-Aura-SSJ-Rosa.nodes (10.1 KB)

Submitted in Effects by MaverickSTKNodes on September 23, 2017

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3 Comments on "DBZ Minha Aura SSJ Rosa"

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ChimChim O's
Super Creator
What comes out of my mouth will always be important.

Lets just call it what it actually is.
“DBZ aura #97”

Super Member
Remember the days of not remembering things? Me neither.

Oh… I thought it was DBZ aura #99… I was getting the decorations all set up for the celebration…

Oh well, it won’t take long for 3 more to be uploaded.

Forgotten Name

You Stole this from dbz sticknodes br!