Dib from Invader Zim, love that show.

Ralph's edit: ...AND WHERE'S ZIM!?

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Submitted in People by sticknodes274 gaming on April 16, 2017

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26 Comments on "Dib"

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Sticknodes274 gaming

This is dib download it now or I will delete stick nodes once and for aaaaallllll
By the way this is the bad dib the new one will come out once I figure out the bug thingey cya

Sticknodes274 gaming

I feel bad now for the other people

Sticknodes274 gaming

Then I think the update will be on may 2nd

Sticknodes274 gaming

Can the update be on Saturday

Sticknodes274 gaming

(Last question) can you let us rotate the screen pls?