Essence 2

Well since i redone the phantom beast I might as well redo Essence

So Essence First Lived in the prehistoric age with the dinosaurs until the meteor hit or the flood or whatever you believe in, but Essence survived the extinction of his kind due to a Godlike entity, Mother Nature.

The only reason she let him live is because she chose him for a task...
To slay the Demonic Phantom Beast.

But that was a difficult quest for Essence to journey on so Mother Nature gave him several abilities-
A humanoid form and Agility
Knowledge and is able to speak and understand all languages, including animals
A regular brown Cloak filled with magic so that it can actually block any attack (except for stuff like Epitaphs Ethereal cataclysm) and not be damaged

He can use some of Mother Nature’s Magical attack’s
A Powerful Rapier
A small forest dragon that directs Essence to were he goes and sometimes assists Essence in Battle
And Magical Healing Abilities

But even with these powers he cant face the Phantom beast, so he needs a team of great warriors, and they just happen to be in Utopia, the same place the Phantom Beast plans to conquer...

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Submitted in People by Essence on June 13, 2018

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CookieInTheFace (The annoying one)
Hyper Elite Lvl8
Shuddup ya dumdum

Nicely done

OP Lvl10
Professional ass connoisseur

I’m sorry but all i can think is an Argonian wearing a paedophile’s trench coat

Ultra Member Lvl5
R E A S O N S - U N K N O W N

I did actually base him off a argonian

God of Sage emperors2
Hyper Member Lvl4

It reminds me of the argoians in skyrim