Explosive Bullet RHG 4 Pack

My 4th RHG. This guy won't fight until you prove yourself being able to fight by destroying the robot he controls. Which is one of my other RHG versions. Just like the robot he built, he carries an arsenal instead of magic or powers.

He favors technology and natural capabilities that humans can achieve, in fact he's pushed his own self beyond what the average human is meant to do. He's train in CQC, marksmanship and many skills adapted from groups and nations throughout history.

Design inspired by Titanfall as well as some of his abilities.

Basic info about him:
Gender: Male
Height: 7 feet
Weight: 210Ibs

Now the juicy stuff.
Abilities: Teleportation, cloak, vortex shield (picks up projectiles like bullets and throws them back at the enemy), Wallrunning, conditioned.

Speed: Fast but not superfast.

Strength: Due to augmentations and his health, he is able to lift the rear end of a truck and flip it. Which is between a half ton and a ton.

Damage resistance: The armour he wears is built to stand bullet calibers up to 50BMG which is the round it is least affective against, probably because that caliber is known for blowing heads, and limbs right off people.
His armour as well is temperature resistant. It's pretty hard to kill him with heat or the cold. As well his armour acts as an insulator to electricity at a certain layer of his armour. Radiation won't breach his armour either to allow him a lethal dose of it.

Weaknesses: His forearms are exposed to keep him cool during combat, but they leave an area to disarm him at. The jet pack on his back isn't as powerful as his robots, but it can still be set off by a good few hits to the back that will send him flying in places he doesn't want to go.

EMPs will disarm him of everything exept his guns and knives as well as his own strength. Though his gear only will allow itself to be disabled for 15 seconds.

Any questions you have? Feel free to ask me.

Ralph's edit: Does he wear boxers or briefs though?

Explosive-Bullet-RHG-4-Pack.zip (28.8 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Explosive Bullet on December 17, 2017

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Who is that black one

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I despise scarf figures, and dead memes.

Just a cinematic lights only one.