Field Marshal Tserrek

One of Roux's greatest Generals. while Tenebrus scours the Outskirts and Roux invades central Utopia, Tserrek keeps an iron grasp on the now Rouxian controlled City where all the Users used to stay. what was once a place of joy and freedom is now constantly watched by Rouxian patrols and a firm dictatory by Tserrek herself.

Tserrek originated from the very same place she is ordered to protect, the Creation Labs in the City where Ralph and many others used to build upon Utopia. Tserrek is in fact a copy of Roux's STKNDS.file which means she isn't exactly perfect, especially as she is prone to fits of rage, uncontrollable laughter and is known to be entertained by brutality. Tserrek's insane behaviour is quite troublesome for Empress Roux as Tserrek is constantly in need of entertainment, bordem for her could literally cost lives as she is well known for pitting captured users or even her own Rouxian troops against each other in a sort of crude gladiatorial battle.

To combat her 'extreme ADHD', she frequently plays video games like Mortal Kombat or DOOM or will go on a calm relaxing walk... occasionally stamping on flowers while cackling for all the other Rouxians to all stand around awkwardly. However, as interesting as her backstory and behaviour is, all you guys REALLY want to know is "why she so thicc?". simple answer, squats... lots of squats... that and running around while dual wielding Hardlight swords and slashing through runaway Users.

Ralph's edit: And just like that, Mortal Kombat became canon in the Rouxian timeline.

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Submitted in People by Epitaph on January 30, 2018

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