FNV Securitron

These bad boys are the finest security in all of new vegas,used to defend to strip and everyone in it. Sure the ncr also have security in the strip but whats a bunch of grunts with metal sticks going to do against metal robots with a X25 Gatling laser for medium range and a 9mm gun for close range and crowd suppression embedded into their hands? Plus with their MKII upgrade, you figure out that these two weapons are only secondaries.

The Securitron MKII reveals that they have a rapid fire G-28 grenade launcher, an auto repair system, and some sweet M-235 launchers (launchers not included in this stick). with these guys, Caesar and Gen. Oliver will be to scared to stay. The House Always Wins Baby...

FNV-Securitron.nodes (11.5 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by TerribleAnims on August 6, 2017


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