FO4 T60 Power Armour (Explosive Bullet Skin) Pack

This right here is a modified version of my FO4 T60 power armour were it fits my RHGs kind of standards.

Besides it looking nice, it has a nuclear powered jetpack so the user and the suit can be lifted. On the side of the jetpack are missile launchers the launches up to 20 seperate missiles that lock on to the enemy making them 10× harder to dodge.

Added it is outfitted with some overshield technology as if the armour itself wasn’t painful enough to penetrate.

The armour does most of the work in lifting very heavy things like 1 tonne vehicles.

Pretty OP.

Ralph's edit: This is the most OP thing on the website, congratulations. (36.9 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Explosive Bullet on September 11, 2017

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Plz make a tank saying England is my city:)

Dr. Darien

Is the fingers stretchy?