FPS M249 SAW Pack

An insanely detailed first person light machine gun. Comes with a removable magazine and a bullet wrap if you want to go to even more detail. The cover will lift off and you can replace it with the open cover to set it's fully opened angle. Theres a 2 piece sights so you can aim down the sights.

Yeah. I know. It costs you 5 stickfigures to get the full meal deal. But hey, it's for the functions. And the detail.

I'm managing to put it in one of my big first person animations so you should be able to as well. But with limits... Pls blame the node limit.

Ralph's edit: I'm blaming you. What are you gonna do about it come at me whenever yo.

FPS-M249-SAW-Pack.zip (29.6 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Explosive Bullet on November 18, 2017

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OP Lvl10
“If you see a THOT, call 911.” ~ Survival Tips

Tis a masterpiece.

Ur mum (Developer)
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We dem 🅱️Ois

Awesome but a bit of a pain to assemble each of the parts together, still looks amazing

Explosive Bullet
Ultra Elite Lvl9
I despise scarf figures, and dead memes.

It’s not that bad after the first time. Layering is quite easy.