Gaster Blaster

Well if you have Sans you need this.

Gaster-Blaster.nodes (3.9 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by benni on April 13, 2016


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  1. Hey , Benni, If you’re reading this, then….Can you please make an undertale pack? It’s for us fans…If you can’t then tell any people you know that is familiar to undertale…Thank you for reading this comment..

    -Tad Square

  2. This Gaster Blaster is so crappy! I tryed to post a MUCH better Gaster Blaster on this website before, but they rejected it.And now, they let you post THIS PIECE OF GARBBAGE?!? I CANT BELEVE IT! 😠😠😠

      • Hey Mark. I understand how you feel, but let’s not call this one a piece of garbage.

        I just went and looked at yours again, and I remember it. It does look very good, but why did you leave all of those nodes as non-static? As a result, it’s very hard to use the stickfigure, especially with fingers and mobile devices, with so many non-static nodes next to each other like that.

        I sometimes fix things like this when I receive submissions, but lately I have so many uploads to go through I just don’t have the time, and I sadly have to skip over them instead.

        The stickfigure looks very good, but from a practical standpoint it’s not very user-friendly. If you fix it up and get rid of all of those non-static nodes in the bottom jaw, I’ll upload yours too after you re-submit it.


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