Genos 2

That one S class fighter from that one anime.

Ralph's edit: Yes master!

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Submitted in People by Blues Animations on May 19, 2017

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“Demon Cyborg” Genos

“Hero for fun” Saitama

Stuff I’m forgetting: A lot.
Bad feelin’: Not this time.
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What is this comment: Stupid!
I am I still writing stuff?
‘Cuz I’m bored.

I suck.


Ralph is almost on Saitama’s level in strength while Sean will be Boros. And when they clashed Saitama states that he held back much more strength than what he showed in the fight. Which means Ralph is playing with Sean in every stick nodes animation where they fight. Which also means that Ralph cares for Sean’s health and won’t go full strength on him, a couple months passed and my brother and I found an avatar named berke. I’ll stop now.