Backstory: So, there was this 10 year old named Mace. He was just walking to the bus station and he walked into the glitch world portal by it being invisible. He soon found himself being taken care of by glitches. They used what was left of the people that turned into glitches. It takes about 30 years to turn into a full glitch. Mace was there for 15, which is half of 30. He eventually made his way out when he was 25. But he was half glitch... And he never found his parents... YET...

Thank you for your time.

Ralph's edit: I hate glitches.

gLiCheR.nodes (6.1 KB)

Submitted in People by Rebel_BoyNationZ on June 29, 2017

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the stick figure and the story are really interesting! not like those “my parents were killed and I am so edgy and dark blah blah” but yeah I really like it… no one asked my opinion but for what is the comment section if it´s not to comment?!

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