Godzilla 2002

An edit of the Godzilla 2000 stick made by TheGamingCatfish done to make Godzilla resemble his appearance in Godzilla X Mechagodzilla (2002), and Godzilla X Mothra X Mechagodzilla: Tokyo SOS (2003, Scar not included.) A fun challenge came in the form of coloring in the dorsal plates, but the tongue that the original 2000 version had was sacrificed for that due to node limit. That's all there is to say, have fun blasting away your mechanized resurrected kin and fairy moths!

Ralph's edit: ...fairy moths?

Godzilla-2002.nodes (14.1 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by TheGamingCatfish & AirBirb on April 15, 2017

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    • Of course! However, I believe I overlooked a problem with a bit of his right hand’s fingers being miscolored, but that should be rather easy to fix on your own.

      • Hey mr i just want to know when did you submitted this? Mine has been submitted for 4 to 5 days already but its not in the website yet..

          • Hey Gamers.

            There’s no way to know unfortunately. Because of the process I use, I don’t even know who sent a figure until I’m about to upload it (I approve them usually a day or two prior). I get 50-70 a day and because of this there’s just no feasible way for me to be in contact with everyone.

  1. Hey ralph i see that there is a bunch of new stickfigures…mine is not there yet i hope it pops out in this website before april ends…also mr developer if you dont know the name of the stickfigure then heres a quick description…..

    Color:Red and Blue
    How it looks like:a stickman.

    So there you have it..tell me also ralph if you daw it or not yet…and as always…hoping for a reply ?

  2. And Ralph, yes, fairy moths are a thing in Godzilla. If you have any questions regarding Godzilla or Gamera, just ask me!


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