Goku from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ).

As of the 1.7.9 update, downloading stickfigures can be done without any external tools for both Android and iOS users! The only exception is ZIP files, instructions for downloading and using them are in this FAQ section here.

File NameGoku.nodes
AuthorSean Byrnes
File Size5.8 KB
DateNovember 29, 2014


    • Are you on ios or android? If you are on ios, you need to download it from your computer then send them to Main Storage/Stick Nodes/Stickfigure on your ios device.

      On android, download ES file explorer and download your stickfigure, then go to downloads and send them to Main Storage/Stick Nodes/Stickfigure

      You Aint gonna edit ma comment this time Ralph.

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      Onehighjump was at fault as well, stop provoking arguments both of you.

    • Why is it not fair?

      What I just said above:
      “That’s fine, but then you made 50 comments calling people names and generally spamming, and you’re STILL doing it this second as your comments are being blocked.”


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