Here is a Character I created, his name is Goobs! He is a ghost thing. He may look cute, but don’t let him Possess you! if he does he now has the ability to turn himself into an exact copy of the organism that he possessed, Animal, Mammal, Human, Alien. If it has any form of a mind, it can be possessed. Plants don’t count.

Personality: He is neither good nor evil, He likes helping people, but can’t tell the difference between a good person, or a bad person, so he helps everyone, but he only helps one person at a time.

Gender: Male

Battle Scars: He’s dead.

OH! and if you use him, don’t forget to use some Opacity. Because... well... He’s a ghost.

Goobs.nodes (1.4 KB)

Submitted in People by JesseBS2 on February 13, 2018

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I have cancer

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