Great Utopian Volcano Background

The Great Utopian Volcano, situated in the dead center of Utopia just next to the Lair of the Origin Beings.

Once a mere sight to see, this Volcano now acts as a prison for the most powerful of the 4 Origin Beings, Charxek Thar. Charxek turned on her siblings, hoping to kill them all so she could overthrow Ralph and Sean and seize Utopia. Her power-hungry bloodlust sent her mad and made her reckless, using her power to summon an insectoid hoard of Bugs and Glitches to her side, dubbing them 'Node Spawns'.

Proving to be far more powerful then both Epitaph and Kaiju, the two Origin Beings sealed her withing the Great Utopian Volcano, using the Node Defabricator as a key to keep it shut. Over the years, Charxek festered and contorted due to her wrong using of her magic which turned her into the horrific abomination we see today.

However, now that the Node Defabricator has been unsealed and the Node Spawns have returned, it is only a matter of time before the Origin Being of Destruction returns again to obliterate everything.

Ralph's edit: I hope you know this whole story is ™®© Ralph Damiano since you used Stick Nodes. It's in the fine print.

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That is nothing like Grey’s volcano! P.S I know it is not Grey’s volcano.