Halo Covenant Scarab

What better way to return to making halo figures than to make the best thing in it ever, The Scarab. A heavy fuel rod cannon on its 'head', four giant legs allowing it to go LITERALLY anywhere, a super powerful Fuel rod laser it's front and even some plasma cannons mounted on its rear dock and on the walkways attached to its sides. It's bigger than a 2 story house, can make Scorpion tanks and even mantises into dust and at the end of Halo 3 there are two of them at the end of the level, FREAKING TWO SCARABS! However, this is heavily overshadowed by its vulnerable weak spots. Shooting at the legs with powerful enough weaponry (tanks, gauss turrets, a mac cannon but that's a little excessive) will cause the Scarab to shut itself down for a moment or two, allowing Whoever to climb aboard, kill everyone inside and smash up the reactor tucked in its top rear.


I'm going to do another big Halo thing like this one but I decided to let you guys decide which will be the first, the vehicle with the most comments supporting it will win. (Spam and multiple comments from the same person won't count, only their first.)

Here are your options:

*UNSC Mantis
*Covenant Corvette
*UNSC Vulture
*Covenant Locust

...Choose wisely.

Ralph's edit: Longest description ever.

Ralph's edit:

Halo-Covenant-Scarab.nodes (12.3 KB)

Submitted in Vehicles by Epitaph on April 15, 2017

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Right that settles it, The Mantis wins. It will come first!


I though the hawks from the hornet’s nest won?




In the wise words of sonic the hedgehog: “YOURE TOO SLOW”




Scarab linked to kraken being made in future??? Epitaph help my brain is broken from all the rhythm games i play xD