Halo Promethean Phaeton Pack

Arguably one of the most powerful vehicles in the game, the Phaeton is a Promethean gunship designed for decimating infantry, tearing up ground vehicles and pursuing aircraft, nothing is safe from the Phaeton.

With a hardlight repeater that speeds up over time as it's weapon, burst fire missile batteries at it's sides, super-heavy armour and the ability to dodge in any direction, the Phaeton is a formidable foe to literally any kind of opponent.

Imaging the scene:

You're sitting there, in the middle of a Warzone match, with your Nornfang (the only one you have mind you so your extra careful with it), minding your own buisness while protecting base B. it's been an intense game but your team's been pushing through and are slowly taking C. that's when you hear it, a whirring noise in the distance, the distinct sound of a Phaeton. you already know these are powerful but your team has good stuff, X_GoodStick_X even has a Hannibal Scorpian so they should be fine.

Then you hear another noise, one you've never heard before. all of a sudden, Base C is shrouded in noise and you can hear gunfire and explosions and then; UserpingGrape killed by SharpOrange. and a few seconds later, InnocentGorilla killed by SharpOrange. and then to your horror, X_GoodStick_X killed by SharpOrange. you quickly turn to C base, zooming your Nornfang and sit patieantly for what will come. you see only one thing and that thing is coming in your direction.

It was a Phaeton, with red striping it's hull and an orange gradient to it's nose, this was no ordinary Phaeton. you begin to rain explosive rounds upon it but it just effortlessly dodges the attack before firing a concentrated beam of energy upon you, with that same noise again being emitted. in what could have been a single mere second, you and your single precious Nornfang were disintegrated in an instant. and then your teamates over the voicechat begin to panic, and scream into their mics:

"It's a Helios! they've got a Phaeton Helios!"

Ralph's edit: Now go and imagine that scene again, but now have Darude - Sandstorm playing throughout in the background.

Halo-Promethean-Phaeton-Pack.zip (10.1 KB)

Submitted in Packs by Epitaph on February 7, 2018

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Demonic DJ
Hyper Elite Lvl8
Have you ever heard demon music?

Where does the person driving this go?
(sorry, I only played one Halo game and I’m pretty sure I didn’t even get past what was in place as a tutorial.)

Lamorak (Hedgehog)
Super Elite Lvl7
Everyone in school calls me a f*cking hedgehog. I am now

To the queen of the Amazon

OP Lvl10
乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

The spartan/elite/Promethean/whatever jumps on top of the glowing bit and then are turned into little orange particles which are absorbed into the Phaeton.

Cool Elite Lvl6
эй кто-нибудь залить кислотой

I just love using this thing on forge i litteraly get people pissed off