Halo UNSC Pack 1

Halo UNSC Mantis
Every Grunts worst fear! a Mantis is a perfection of technology in the form of an armor plated, bipedal mech, piloted by a Spartan IV, equipped with both a Missle pod and a heavy machine gun but also an overshield just to top it all off!

Halo UNSC Scorpian
"Tank beats Ghost
Tank beats Hunters
Tank beats Everything! oh man, I can do this all day!"
- Some random marine in Halo 3

Halo UNSC Hawk
A higher tech version of the Hornet.

So just the other day i was playing Halo Wars with a friend of mine (Halo Wars is like the Halo version of 'Total War' games). he was using Covenant and had built this huge army of Grunts and a few Hunters and had stormed them over to one of my last bases and began his assault.

From what he could see, it was completely ungarded, spare a few turrets at the front who mowed down two of the Hunters. turns out i'd locked the base which prevents newly built units from leaving the base so they'll begin to pile up. i clicked unlock and before his eyes, 30 of these magnificant jets burst from the roof of my firebase like a hoard of angry bees. there were enough that they took up about three/fiths of the screen. once setting my death machines free, i just yelled into my mic (trying not to burst out in laughter because of how the Hawks just appeared out of nowhere) "YOU HAVE DISTURBED THE HORNETS NEST!"

ever since then, that exact spot on the map has now been dubbed 'the hornets nest' in honor of those 30 Hawks who nearly won me that game before they were shot down one by one by a duo of Scarabs, but not before destroying one of them.

they were like true heroes in a way

Ralph's edit: I don't even know what this game is but I lol'd at this.

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