Halo Warthog Pack

Four Halo Warthogs!

Halo UNSC Warthog
The classic, original Warthog is an amazing all rounder vehicle that can outrun almost all others, hit hard, and withstand a lot of damage. Though great as anti air and anti vehicle, it is very vulnerable against the far more powerful vehicles like the Mantis, Scorpion or Phaeton.

Halo UNSC Scout Warthog
The mainline support vehicle of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). This is the troop and ordinance carrying 'Scout' variant. My personal favourite use of this vehicle is filling it with troops, giving them heavy weapons like rocket launchers and then charging into groups of enemies to see them being exploded by about five rockets simultaneously!

Halo UNSC Rocket Warthog
The Rocket variant of the warthog is used as a heavy support vehicle and great to be used as an anti scout weapon as it fires multiple rockets simultaneously

Halo UNSC Gauss Warthog
Feared as the ultimate warthog and devastating against most other vehicles for its high damaging and lightning fast Gauss laser. It's best to keep a plasma pistol by your side just in case one of these are round the corner!

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