HAVw A6 Juggernaut Turbo Tank

The HAVw A6 "Juggernaut" is a large wheeled vehicle used by the Galactic Republic and seen in use by the Galactic Empire in concept art, it has missile pods and laser cannons and could easily take on a few AATs.

This killing machine had three stories and could house ammunition and Clone Troopers, and was primarily seen during the Battle of Kashyyyk

HAVw-A6-Juggernaut-Turbo-Tank.nodes (13.0 KB)

Submitted in Vehicles by McStickyStudios on March 1, 2018

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Explosive Bullet
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I despise scarf figures, and dead memes.

For a second I thought you were making something from the real world. Nope. It’s star wars. Looks nice though.

Vasiliev Ivanov
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Communistic Ideals, heavily approved by the Gas Mask Man

Thank you dude!


Real bulk