A basic helicopter!

As of the 1.7.9 update, downloading stickfigures can be done without any external tools for both Android and iOS users! The only exception is ZIP files, instructions for downloading and using them are in this FAQ section here.

File NameHelicopter.nodes
File Size1.9 KB
DateNovember 29, 2014


    • Hi Mark, you must use a PC or third-party app (such as ES File Explorer (Android)) and copy the downloaded file to the /Stick Nodes/stickfigures/ folder.

      Hope this helps, good luck!

    • Hi, do you mean this particular one won’t work properly in the app? Or do you mean that you don’t know how to add any stickfigures correctly?

      If it’s the latter, see my comment above, or the instructions in the blue box atop this page or the stickfigures page.

      Hope I helped!

  1. Uhhh android users can just literally open files and find downloads then press the zipped file and a box would appear if you want to unzip it then just open the unzipped file with the stuff inside and move it in the sticknodes file….


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