Hyper Beam

For use when making super D E V A S T A T I N G attacks that blast the skin off your targets and disintegrate cities!

Ralph's edit: D E V A S T A T I N G you say!?

Hyper-Beam.nodes (4.0 KB)

Submitted in Effects by Epitaph on September 4, 2017

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nome gusta
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3 Comments on "Hyper Beam"

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OP Lvl10
E X T R A - T H I C C

how could you commentators ignore my bountiful gift, i have brought to you a big laser!

Ricardossauro rex animations

Good lazer! Hey epitaph, can I borrow it for an animation and post it on YouTube?

OP Lvl10
E X T R A - T H I C C

since when did anyone need permission, if anything i’d wanna see your animation if it features some of my figures!