Inkling Pack

Inkling Boy, Girl, and Squid from Nintendo's game Splatoon!

The Inklings can Turn into both a Squid or a Kid (plz kill me) anytime they want. While in Squid Form, they can Jump Farther and Swim really fast in their own Ink. In this Stickfigure, you can control its Eye, move their Mantle, and their Smaller Tentacles. If they annoy you, then go to Edit Mode and Static whatever's annoying you. The Squids are based off of the Japanese Flying Squid (I think?), which makes sense because Nintendo is mainly a Japanese Game Company. With a tap of a Screen (or On Nintendo Switch, Press X, then either aim or hold down on the DPad+ and Press A), you can Fly right to your Teammates or Beacon.

P.S. Inklings and their Squid Form can't swim in Water, they Melt and Drown. (19.9 KB)

Submitted in Packs by ShawnS83 on April 21, 2017


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