Jade Empire Weaponry Pack

(The real names that the Jade Empire calls these weapons are Tetrachrome Weapons)

First off, credit to Epitaph for the name "Jade Empire", Now lets get into this.

---Tetrachromic Power Cell---
The very fuel of the Jade Empire. This power cell contains five hundred times more power than a car battery that is at full power, and is surprisingly stable.

---Tetrachrome Shortsword---
The Tetrachrome Shortsword is a weapon that makes any medieval knight tremble fast, as it's often held by ancient jade robots. Any robot that uses this gets a massive boost to reflexes and speed, but a decrease in damage output, making this a weapon for quick movement around their opponent and acting unpredictable. It acts like a regular titanium shortsword when it isn't powered, and costs only one tetrachromic power cell to repower.

Tetrachome Longsword
This weapon makes any robot virtually indestructible, so long as they know how to use it. this weapon greatly increases the durability of the robot that uses it, but badly reduces their movement speed, making for a great way to hold the front lines with ease. Much like the shortsword, it acts like a titanium longsword when it's powered down, and only costs 1 tetrachromic power cell to repower.

Tetrachrome Waraxe
This weapon has a lot more range than you think. It can be thrown and will then act like a deadly boomerang. When it is powered down, it loses it's ability to act like a boomerang, and costs 1 tetrachromic power cell to repower.

Tetrachrome Battleaxe
Round and round, people with this weapon go. When they stop? When their foes are either out of range or dead. Robots that use this weapon get to control whether the weapon spins, or when it is used for execution. When the weapon is powered down, they are stuck using the weapon for execution, and this weapon requires 2 tetrachromic power cells to repower it.

Tetrachrome Warhammer
This weapon is a nightmare to fight against, as it is extremely powerful. Unfortunately there's only 15 left in existence and 14 of the 15 are in the hands of gods. Back then, the users of this weapon could send shockwaves through the air just by swinging, which can be capable of perfectly repelling any heavy artillary fire, and were much lighter than even an iron warhammer. When powered down, they lost every ability they had, and this weapon single-handedly costs 4 tetrachromic power cells to repower.

The Tetrachromic Crystal
This crystal is the very source of power of the Jade Empire. Any robot that dares to hold this crystal gains immortality (until another robot holds it) and endless power for the weapon they use. If a human, saiyan or scarf figure were to dare to try and hold the crystal, their heart will stop completely within 5 seconds of holding it due to the immensity of the power.

Note: At the time of this being sent, ios still doesnt have 2.3.0

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Only memes can sustain me

green weapons, are best weapons…

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Spooky scary ethereal beings


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Почему вы потратили время, что

that description is long af

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Have you ever heard demon music?

So I’m going to just assume that demons can hold the crystal no problem.

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More weaponry than rome