JL Superman

Superman in justice league!!. ill make superalph real soon!

Ralph's edit: But why.

JL-Superman.nodes (10.6 KB)

Submitted in People by yhielort106 on February 22, 2018

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4 Comments on "JL Superman"

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CookieInTheFace (The annoying one)
Hyper Elite Lvl8
Shuddup ya dumdum

This is the first one that got the chest right!

OP Lvl10
wHo YoU cAlLiN' a DuM dUm?

Just looking at how big his chest is scary

OP Lvl10
wHo YoU cAlLiN' a DuM dUm?

Batman – Just Batman.

Flash – Your average childish comedian maverick with godlike powers.

Cyborg – 50% Robot, 50% plot device.

Wonder Woman – The woman the world deserves, but doesn’t need.

Aquaman – Hobo Viking looking sonofavich that swims.

Superman – It’s time to kick gum and chew ass. And i’m all out of ass.

Overrall, Justic League is a sh*tty movie. Can’t top mah Dark knight movie series.