JP Raptor

The big one from jurassic park well you could not have it as the big one.

JP-Raptor.nodes (14.1 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by unknown on March 13, 2017

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nome gusta
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King gomora

This looks amazing just amazing.

King gomora

Maybe one day you could make the Jurassic park lost world version and maybe even blue from Jurassic world.


I have tried to make blue but I did not have enough space to add the whole stripe


Carnotaur allosaur shantungosaurus hybrid from jwtg rajastega carnoraptor spinoraptor do any of you want me to make and I’ve got something different coming how many of you want to see it

Jwtg =Jurassic world the game

And any dinosaur you want me to make just tell me All of the ones up at the top I would like to make but a dinosaur you want me to make I will make it


Carno,carnoraptor,allosaur,shantungosaurus and rajastega are made and submitted Ralph get ready for dinosaurs for days I’ve also got the other thing submitted