Kaiju – The Temporal Lord Of Time

Thanks to Epitaph, aka the original organism that is the origin of creation itself, my RHG has received a new form that is beyond an RHG, the omnipotent ruler of Time itself.

Wielding the legendary weapon known as the Age-Saber, he can eliminate most foes in a matter of mere moments, by pausing time and slashing them to bits, or going back in time to kill them as a baby or child, alas, these useful abilities will be a keen element in defeating Roux, who continues to fight every stickfigure on the site all at once, and is still alive.

Also, although he is more animal-like in body structure, he is a very clever and strategic warrior.

Also, the Age-Saber has text written on it by the ancients, including Epitaph's origin form, the symbols on the saber translate to "Only the purest of warriors are capable of winning wars, the same to wielding the omnipotent Weapons Of Creation's Balance", which include the Age-Saber, Genesis -Whip, the SoulSteel-Scythe, the Terra-Mace, and lastly, Epitaph's weapon, which for now remains unknown, but it will have something to do with creation, any ideas, Epitaph?

Oh, and did I mention that if the Age-Saber begins to glow, you may as well say your prayers, for if its glowing, that means if you get hit by it, you shall be completely erased from existence. Peace out!

Ralph's edit: Holy lore, Batman.

Kaiju-The-Temporal-Lord-Of-Time.nodes (10.4 KB)

Submitted in Miscellaneous by Kaiju Lord on June 24, 2017

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    • It’d be an instant tie as you can’t have one without the other, think of it like time and space (which our characters symbolise)

      But if i were to throw the lore out the window then I’d say that it’d be very, very close but i think due to the fact that Epitaph is not only the guardian and ruler of Utopia but pretty much a clone of Ralph and Sean power wise, i think Epitaph would just come on top, despite Kaiju’s mastery over time.
      Like i said, it’d be so close that there’s a chance things’d go the other way and Kaiju could be the victor.
      If your asking this as a reference point for an animation, then make sure to add ALOT of lazers as Epitaph uses them alot, along with flight, teleportation and the personal favourite: summoning platforms and erasing sections of land, as well as manipulating his surroundings

      • Well Epitaph, my abilities include the ability to hover, focused plasma beams, shurikens made of pure plasma, ninja-like reflexes and fighting techniques, the ability to pause time (duh, you should know), and by the way, the effect of using it is it drains his life force, so if he uses it more then three times in one battle, his spinal corn will rupture and he’ll be what’s called a “sitting duck”, he can also create windows in time that he can teleport through, and finally, IF HE ABSOLUTELY NEEDS TO, he can charge up a ball of time energy that when it hits the target, it will erase their existence from history COMPLETELY. There ya go, my abilities.

  1. Ya know epitaph my rhg is called Raven – the Lord of ShapeShift and this is his backstory!!!

    Empress Roux Killed his parents and he hid in a toxic river, watching the chaos projectiles fly past him. Now he seeks revenge and engaged in an epic battle against Roux, and he barely escaped alive. Now he is planning an attack to kill Roux. He ShapeShifted into one of her henchmen, and is going to kill Roux when her back is turned. Meanwhile the brood mother is watching his every move, planning to kill him and take his powers. He is trying to find Epitaph so he can train him.

    I’d like a place in your series. Thanks!!

    • Surprisingly your backstory (though with some sharp edges) fits nigh perfectly with where the story is right now!
      You’ll like his reveal, just one thing though…
      If you have uploaded your figure to the site, what’s it’s EXACT name?

  2. I just realized my character Stellarius lord of light could technically beat this guy in a fight since objects that are moving at or around the speed of light (like me) experience time differently than objects that are not (ex. Kaiju). Like if I man spent 100 years on a spaceship that is traveling at the speed of light then when he returned to earth 1000s of years would have passed. That would mean that he would have traveled faster than time itself


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