Kraken 2

The Kraken is One of the Special Weapons from Nintendo's Game, Splatoon. In-Game, you turn into and can control this Beast and slide all over the Turf leaving behind an Ink Trail and to attack, Press the Jump Button to "DO A BARREL ROLL!" That does 180+ damage which is overkill. To Activate it, Press down on the Right Joystick and you'll do a tiny explosion and RELEASE THE KRAKEN!!!! You can even fly to your Teammates or Beacon. Of Course, you can change its Ink Color using the Color Thing.

Oh and you can move their Eyelids. If they annoy you in your Animations, just Remove them. The Eye is Also Movable and it changes Color!

Ralph's edit: OP.

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Submitted in Miscellaneous by ShawnS83 on April 18, 2017

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Make a Captin America suit

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