Lavamorph Pack 2

his isnt a species, its the first stage of all lavamorphs,

these little guys dont live up to there name, they actually do no harm to their host, either cuz their already dead or passed out, anyway, they use the hosts anus (the the part of your body that stores waste, not bladder waste, poop), they use bidy heat to incubate the egg and after two days they remain in an egg but, they wiggle enough to come out the next time u go poo, they can breath underwater due to adaptayion to the change and have took on octopus like traits to squeas through sewer lines. They are blind once born and are crazy, they shake uncontrolobly until they molt and can see. once this happens, its only a matter of time til your screwed.

the thing in the hosts arce, its the size of 1/4 of a centimeter, yea

they only can be created when a facehugger impregnates a person burning, in acid or lava, or if the person has a fever. The lavamorph has mutated over the year, it hasnt been too long, they have a goblin shark like jaw that comes out from top and bottom, with an extra jaw to pull in victims. ..

ill submit the other species of this, DO NOT PUT THESE IN PACKS it will make people wait longer, seriously,ok Ralph, when i submit something, dont put it in a pack, unless its a remodel with an original, k, k.

Ralph's edit: >_> (I don't read descriptions before screenshotting/packing stickfigures, so, that's my defense) (13.6 KB)

Submitted in Packs by matt the gardevoir on January 10, 2018

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What is life

Just Lovely!

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Put the best chips on the worst bag

Just like you!

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What is life

Thank you!