League of Stickmen Pack

A pack made with custom characters from the League of Stickmen game itself! This pack includes Kalpa (Shadow), Gus (Guardian), BM (Blade), Sven (Storm), Monkeyking (Monkeyking), and Feist (Fist).

Ralph's edit: For some reason the two monkeyking's made me lol.

As of the 1.7.9 update, downloading stickfigures can be done without any external tools for both Android and iOS users! The only exception is ZIP files, instructions for downloading and using them are in this FAQ section here.

File NameLeague-of-Stickmen-Pack.zip
AuthorCyan's Animations
File Size13.3 KB
DateOctober 26, 2016


  1. I just re-played this game and paid Storm and Fist.
    And I realized than there was actually 2 versions of this game

    The yodo1 release and DreamSky Release.
    I just got the DreamSky release and oh boy I don’t hafta pay on all characters <3

    But I wasted 9 months playing yodo1 T.T


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