Legend of Zelda Farosh

A giant Dragonic spirit that guards the Faron and Gerudo region. shards of this Dragon's horns and scales can be obtained by shooting an arrow at the dragon, this can only be done once a day though.

The shards can either be used to create 30 minute long potions, super healing food or can be offered to a Goddess statue in the Faron region in a secluded grove that will open up a Shrine where you can get a Spirit Orb. When trying to get these scales, it is reccomended you take some shock resistant armour or potions as Farosh is surrounded by electric orbs that will zap you if they can.

It is also reccomended you bring an Ancient Bow as they have the longest range.

Ralph's edit:L I ain't need no armor or potions or arrows I'll just strangle it with my bare hands brb.

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17/10 would ride into the sunset


You can’t kill farosh I died getting near it